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Point Cloud Data

Reduce Layout plan investigation and 3D modeling time

InfiPoints enables you to process billions of laser-scanned points (Point Cloud Data) with remarkably high performance. You can view whole factories of plants as if you are actually in the facility.

Layout plan investigation and 3D modeling time has been reduced from weeks to just a single day by the automatic registration of Point Cloud Data and efficient noise reduction.

InfiPoints Overview

Multi-CAD Interface

Elysium’s advanced technology: Integration of Translation and Transformation broadens usability of 3D data.  Our years of industry expertise enables us to deliver precision and reliability to our customers.

Data Preparation

  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Utilization of Point Cloud Data directly during measurement and 3D modeling
  • Automatic registration without markers

Data Visualization

3D Visualized Engineering

  • Interference checking
  • Examine object size and distance in a 3D digitalized facility
  • Layout drawings

3D Digital Modeling

  • Integrate newly added equipment (such as piping) into existing facilities

3D Digital Documentation

  • Create 3D documentation for increased visualization and communication when planning construction
  • Create explanatory materials for business negotiations