Elysium Software products bring unprecedented value to 3D data.

Adopted and highly praised worldwide by our customers, our software works efficiently with CAD, FEM, CAM, Reverse-Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, and CG modeling, and provides highly reliable data translation and advanced 3D processing features.

We have several product lines which specifically address every critical step of 3D data movement from cradle to grave. The Elysium family of products range from desktop solutions for the geometry expert to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products designed to support a global enterprise.

Interactive geometry verification and healing for multi-CAD data exchange, geometry simplification for CAE, plus tools for Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering. Read more about CADdoctor.

Feature-based design conversion for remastering CAD and legacy CAD files and process control. Read more about CADfeature.

Secure, integrated solutions for ensuring data translation and exchange quality, managing design data and workflows, and integrating the supply chain. Read more about ASFALIS.

Interactive tool for PDQ checking, automatic healing, and quality guarantee stamping for NX data. Read more about CADdoctor for NX.

Checks, heals, and guarantees quality of product data within I-DEAS. Read more about PDQ NP.

Pushbutton, native CAD-to-CAD translation and exchange of parts and assemblies. Read more about DirectTranslator.

InfiPoints enables you to process billions of laser-scanned points (Point Cloud Data) with remarkably high performance. You can view whole factories of plants as if you are actually in the facility. Read more about InfiPoints.

Maintains relationships between NX and Abaqus/CAE assemblies and enables a 1-click transfer or update. Read more about AAIN.

More than Software

Our subject matter expertise in handling 3D information has achieved unparalleled performance and quality that enhances productivity, streamlines workflows, shortens time to market, recaptures lost engineering time, reduces costs, and improves profitability. The Elysium product line serves as the foundation of your data translation and exchange solution. Our long-term relationships with major CAD vendors enable you to translate and exchange native CAD files between different CAD systems with the highest fidelity. These include Siemens, Dassault Systemes, PTC, and Autodesk.

We work with leading CAD vendors producing the highest quality in native-to-native CAD data translation and exchange. With Elysium, you’ll always be kept up with the fast-pace changing world of CAD technology.