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Secure, integrated solutions for ensuring data translation and exchange quality, managing design data and workflows, and integrating the supply chain

Advantages of ASFALIS


Historically CAD data was under the control of the designer. Today, CAD Data is instantly accessed by all processes all the time. We enable our customers to keep with this trend in these ways:

  1. Deliver technologies to allow for perfect 3D data flow between the tools and processes
  2. Create a platform (Interface) to provide best use case and ease of use for technology access

Common Use Cases for ASFALIS


  • Simple Batch Translation
  • CAD version down conversion
  • Translation with PDQ check

Attribute/Annotation Translation

  • PMI/Attribute translation
  • Auto Edit of Attributes

Geometry Optimization for Post Process

  • Data simplification
  • Data weight saving
  • Automation of Data Preparation

Geometry comparison

Further, ASFALIS can be configured to address any custom scenarios or processes your business presents.


Elysium’s Data Translation technologies can merge, scale, and integrate to form a complete, robust data translation and exchange management system for organizations with complex design, manufacturing, and supply chains. The key to this power is the Elysium Data Exchange Kernel.

The Elysium Data Exchange Kernel provides the foundation for a secure, sophisticated, and intelligent database that serves as the center of a portal-based, design translation and data exchange hub. The Elysium Data Exchange Kernel ensures that stakeholders across your production ecosystem—multiple CAD, CAE, CAM, and PLM systems—have reliable, timely access to high-quality design data.

The Elysium Data Exchange Kernel begins with native import and export of CAD parts, assemblies, and product manufacturing information. Our long-term strategic relationships with such major CAD vendors as Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, PTC, and Siemens enable your designers, engineers, and supply chain partners to leverage proprietary libraries to exchange native CAD files between different CAD systems quickly and accurately.

Elysium Data Translation technologies inherently enhance Six Sigma processes with the most comprehensive set of design quality checks available, including PDQ (Product Data Quality) standards based on VDA and JAMA specifications.