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Learn the importance of validation for deployment of model-based engineering practices. In addition, understand what functionality is critical in a validation solution and report for both engineering change and translation scenarios.

Seamless Data Exchange

Elysium develops interoperability solutions for digital design and PLM markets. Since 1984, we've translated millions of files and served thousands of clients. Leading companies worldwide trust us to translate, repair and ensure their product data quality for 3D CAD/CAM and CAE models.

Seamless data exchange matters to us as much as it matters to you. Learn how Elysium software products bring unprecedented value to 3D data.

What can one key do?

It can open doors of possibilities. Elysium is your key to simple, seamless data exchange. Our key gives you confidence that every detail of your data is unaltered in the hand off to your customer. The integrity of your data is preserved.

The result? Your products launch on time and function as you designed them.