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Validation with Confidence


CAD data is complex. Comparing two CAD models is just about impossible for a person to do.
Elysium offers an easy way to compare CAD models; 3D PDF, HTML, and XML validation reports.

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Why Validation?

A lot of information to compare

3D Models can include complex geometry and associative Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). Expecting a manual process to reliably detect and communicate engineering changes or unintended differences leaves too much risk.

Why you need validation?
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Why ELYSIUM for Validation?

Elysium has 30+ years of CAD data interoperability experience and success. We partner with all major CAD vendors to support each system at the API level, ensuring fidelity of your data is maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Validation Presentation

“Details are the difference between good stuff and great stuff.”

~ Stephen Brewster

The details and precision is what makes our Validation solutions so robust and intuitive. We compare the tiniest details for compatibility, correlation and quality standards, but filter the reports to display only the information you care about. Our user-friendly interface enables a company to really take advantage of such sophisticated technology.

Comparing CAD models on computer

How it works

Running a Validation report is very simple to do. Follow the steps below

  • Select the 2 models you want to compare
  • Load these models into Elysium
  • Select the Validation criteria
  • Choose the format:
    • HTML
    • 3D PDF
    • XML
  • Evaluate Differences
  • Implement into PDM via XML
The path of creating a validation report
Comparing CAD models on computer

Want to test drive Elysium Validation Solutions?

We want to help you ensure your CAD data quality. Contact us to see how Elysium Validation can help with engineering change orders, digital twins, master/derivatives, and many other use cases. We have the expertise to help you with CAD data quality needs.

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Comparing CAD models on computer