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Checks, heals, and guarantees quality of product data within I-DEAS


PDQ NP allows users to validate and repair 3D CAD data from within the PDQ Nissan Package. Implementing PDQ NP early in the design phase will help NP users at any level improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing enterprise.

You can be assured of accurate, validated CAD data at every stage of product lifecycle management (PLM).

Elysium Inc. in partnership with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and iSiD, Co., Ltd. have developed PDQ NP Full Version and PDQ NP Check Version, ‘Product Data Quality Nissan Package’, an I-DEAS NX plug-in that provides instant CAD model checking, healing, and certification.

The PDQ NP certification is based on Nissan official CAD Quality Guidelines. PDQ NP is the first CAD Data Quality product that not only checks for topology, geometry, and manufacturability, but provides a robust tool set for automatic healing, and applies a guarantee that the inspected part meets the requirements; all within the I-DEAS NX CAD system. PDQ NP relies on Elysium’s Data Exchange Kernel Healing Module which allows for completeness in CAD Data Checking and Automated Healing within the I-DEAS NX environment.

Key Features of PDQ NP Full Version and PDQ NP Check Version 

  • Full integration with the TDM environment
  • Fully Automated Diagnosis and Repair Functions

PDQ NP – Full Version

Automated Diagnosis

  • Checks model for adherence to Nissan’s official product CAD Quality Guidelines
  • Identifies/locates faulty areas
  • Library Checker
  • Package Checker

Automatic Healing

  • Healing with history and Undo functionality
  • Aggressive (full) repair option

Automatic Data Check Guarantee

  • Certification key applied to parts which pass check

PDQ NP – Check Version

  • Automated Diagnosis (same as Full Version)
  • Automatic Data Check Guarantee (same as Full Version)

PDQ NP Error Classification 

PDQ NP identifies and heals the 15 critical errors identified in the Nissan Quality Guidelines. These lead to improved manufacturability and consistent quality of geometry being provided to Nissan.

  • Tiny Edge
  • Narrow Edge
  • Sharp Edge Angle
  • Inconsistent Edge in Loop
  • Large Edge Face Gap
  • Large Face Gap
  • Large Edge Gap
  • Self-Intersecting Loop
  • Self Intersecting surface
  • Non-Smooth Segments
  • Non-Smooth Patches
  • Tiny Curve or Segment
  • Narrow Surface or Patch
  • Self-Intersecting Curve
  • Embedded Faces