Case Study: Electronics

Customer: Leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components

Electronics ClientProducts

Electrical connectors, antennas, switches, and other components


Interconnect products play a critical role in Aerospace, Defense and Automotive industries. As devices become smaller and more complex, Engineers must rely on sophisticated CAE analysis and CAM manufacturing solutions to drive packaging configuration and manufacturing quality. CAD interoperability provides a unique path to maintain data integrity no matter what CAD system the customer or supplier utilizes.

Engineering process

Prototype and production tools are secured from a range of tooling suppliers worldwide. Highly accurate CAD models are delivered in the format of each tooling supplier’s CAD software. Software and support costs for data translation must be minimized.

Engineering and tool design process

The customer is standardized on OneSpace Designer as its CAD system for 3D modeling. Products are produced mainly by injection molding. Mold suppliers employ a variety of CAD and CAM systems.  They require data in many CAD formats including SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Siemens NX, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Parasolid, ACIS, and IGES. Bi-directional communication is necessary because mold makers often request changes to reduce mold complexity, increase finished part quality, and reduce costs.

Elysium Solution

The customer selected Elysium to provide CAD conversion with complete quality checking and automated healing of surface defects. Rather than support a hardware and software environment necessary for a multi-CAD translation system, the customer leveraged Elysium engineering support teams to provide reliable, round-the-clock translation servers for all its facilities. The translation service gives the customer not only converted models, but also reports indicating which models have been translated, problems with source data, corrective action taken, and dates and times when jobs are run.


With 75 years of history and over 100,000 reliable products, the customer has maintained a global leadership including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling. Elysium was able to deliver accurate data translation as well as assurance to the customer that every step in the data translation process was fully managed.