Elysium Releases DirectTranslator EX 6.1!

This is a version upgrade from DirectTranslator EX6.0, it only applies to those that have Solidworks paths.

Major Enhancements of DirectTranslator EX 6.1:

  • Added support of SolidWorks 2015

[Supported versions: SolidWorks 2014, 2015]

  • Added support of CATIA V5 R24(V5-6R2014)

[Supported versions: Input:R7 – R24(V5-6R2014), Output:R14]

For further instructions, please email licenses@elysiuminc.com.

If you have any questions during the installation process please contact the Elysium Technical Support Team at (248) 799-9900 or email our support team at support@elysiuminc.com.

Elysium Releases CADdoctor for NX Ver2.1!

Major Enhancements for this upgrade:

  • Function to select the language in CADdoctor for NX between English and Japanese using NX setting (UGII_LANG)
  • Added support of NX9
  • New license management system

Upgrading to the New License System:

The first step to upgrading to Ver2.1 is to upgrade to the new license management system. To do so this Version Upgrade Application Form must be filled out and returned to Danielle Williams at Danielle.williams@elysiuminc.com or licensing@elysiuminc.com. You may also request to have the form sent to you via email. Once the form is completed and submitted, it should take about two business days for the delivery of your new license type along with instructions on downloading CADdoctor for NX Ver.2.1 from our website.

NOTE: Nissan Motor Company (Japan) is going to upgrade to NX9 and CADdoctor for NX Ver.2.1 at the same time around August 2015. They will be using CADdoctor Ver2.0 until then.


If you have any questions during the installation process please contact the Elysium Technical Support Team at (248) 799-9900 or email our support team at support@elysiuminc.com.

Elysium Cooperates with PROSTEP

HAMAMATSU, Japan, April 24, 2015—Elysium Co. Ltd., a global leading interoperability solutions provider, announces a new partnership with PROSTEP AG. The target of the partnership is, in addition to geometry, providing the users with the data translation and transfer service OpenDESC.com with the translation of the features and parametric information of their CAD models. Thus, for the first time, it will be possible to process translated data in all current CAD systems and return them to the production system using the same editing possibilities.

The offer is destined for companies who, in Joint Ventures or during globally distributed development projects, cooperate with partners using different CAD systems. It is especially beneficial for small suppliers that have to achieve increasing requirements on data quality but are unable to invest in expensive conversion tools. PROSTEP will completely integrate the tools of Elysium in OpenDESC.com to largely automate the translation of features and parametric information and, thus, be able to offer the service at the lowest-possible cost with the highest level functionality for fully parametric models for downstream editability.

PROSTEP’s long-term experience with data translation and transfer, as well as their profound knowledge in process requirements in the automotive industry, have been important reasons for Elysium to decide for a partnership with the IT software and consulting company of Darmstadt. “The conversion of features and parametric information is a highly complex issue,” says Ken Tashiro, Vice President and chief operating officer (COO) of Elysium. “PROSTEP has the necessary translation expertise with much experience and, thus, can make optimum use of the capability of our solutions for the user’s benefit.”

Through the cooperation with Elysium, PROSTEP enlarges their service range with technology that leading automobile manufacturers already use successfully for their data migration, and for the first time, provide it for use in running development projects. “We have observed the market very carefully and, for a long time, have searched for a suitable solution. The tools of Elysium are the only ones fulfilling our process requirements,” underlines Dr. Josip Stjepandic, Head of Business Unit 3D Product Creation at PROSTEP.



PROSTEP AG is recognized as the leading PLM integration specialist in the area of product data integration. The company offers customers from the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering industries – including the Airbus Group, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler –  integration solutions for CAD, PDM and supplier communication, thus making e-engineering a reality.

The PROSTEP Group has a current headcount of more than 250 in Germany and the USA. In addition to its headquarters in Darmstadt, PROSTEP also maintains branch offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, as well as in Birmingham, Michigan (USA).

Elysium to Release CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator Ver.1.3 – More Powerful Capabilities Enabling Daimler Suppliers to Meet Daimler’s JT Requirements

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, April 7, 2015—Elysium Co. Ltd., a global leading interoperability solutions provider, announces the release of its latest version of CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator (Ver. 1.3). This version-up includes various new capabilities useful for the data exchange in JT format. This release addresses the specific Daimler requirements for the Daimler Master Data requirement, material properties, attribute support and geometry management. The major intent of this release is to improve upon the throughput so that Daimler Suppliers can implement Elysium tools to support a work-flow within their data release process.

Elysium Approved as a Certified JT Bi-directional Translation Provider for Daimler Supply Chain

Elysium’s CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator is certified as compliant with Daimler quality standards, and is approved for the Daimler Supply Chain. This translator, developed by Elysium leveraging over 30 years of technological history and partnerships with both Dassault Systèmes and Siemens PLM Software, is ranked number 1 in the industry benchmark.

The CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator provides accurate translations to provide exact geometry, further, it satisfies the Daimler use case requirements for digital mock-up, visualization, manufacturing and process planning work-flows. Version 1.3 focuses on the automation and the ability to edit entities such as file names, material properties, attributes and metadata, dramatically reducing the manual work needed to post-process data in order to meet the Daimler quality requirements for JT data acceptance. This translator also translates JT data to CATIA V5 with automatic mapping of attributes back to CATIA V5 to assure instant data re-use in downstream processes.

Enhancements of Version 1.3

The following list summarizes the enhancement to the CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator:

  1. Masterdata support
  2. PLM XML support for the management of product structure
  3. CATIA V5 mass properties support
  4. Material ID (QEVNumber) support
  5. Customizable attribute mapping
  6. JT configuration settings with LOD (Level of Detail) support
  7. JT Moniker support
  8. Filename editability

“Elysium is constantly supporting our customers and partners alike via these follow-up releases to assure that Elysium delivers products that address the goal for an automated CAD to CAD conversion tool with maximum efficiency and minimum human interaction,” said Ken Tashiro, VP/COO, Elysium. “Version 1.3 focuses on matching Daimler’s management of product structure, product information, and geometry representation in addition to usability such as editable mapping tables.” “All these enhancements allow our end-users to increase their productivity with respect to collaboration with Daimler.”

Ver.1.3 supports CATIA V5 R24, which is a widely used version in the European automotive industry. More information can be found at http://www.elysium-global.com/productinfo/directtranslator/v5jt/.

Fig: Bi-directional Translation Including PMI

Fig: Bi-directional Translation Including PMI

Cooperation between XPLM and Elysium

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, April 1, 2015—Elysium Co. Ltd, a global leading interoperability solutions provider, announces a new partnership with XPLM Solution and establishes an enterprisewide competence team for the migration of PLM and CAD data.

As a neutral provider, XPLM will prospectively be cooperating closely with Elysium, a leading provider of 3D conversion- and optimization-technology. The two companies built up a team of experts in the field of migration and conversion of PLM and CAD data. In the course of this partnership, XPLM and Elysium are offering their customers the possibility of a conversion of different PLM or CAD source systems in any other PLM or CAD target systems.

“CAD and PLM migrations are ranking among the supreme disciplines within the PLM business. With the new cooperation agreement between Elysium and XPLM we are combining our forces to expand our service offer. We have excellent and perfectly matched migration solutions together with an experienced team that implements the migrations in course of the project efficiently and with high quality“, says Karl “Charly” Wachtel, Managing Director at XPLM Solution.

The customers, in future, profit from this strong alliance. “This strategic alliance between Elysium, with expertise in CAD to CAD translation, and XPLM, with expertise in PDM systems, will provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for complete PLM interoperability projects,” says Ken Tashiro, Managing Director at Elysium Europe.

The cooperation will firstly concentrate on the Central European market.

About XPLM Solution

XPLM is a continuously growing German IT company with subsidiaries in Switzerland and the USA. XPLM develops integration solutions between leading PLM, MCAD, ECAD, SysML, ERP, DMU, MS-Office, publishing and data exchange applications. The service portfolio ranges from the analysis and definition of PLM business processes to planning and executing implementations, data migration, training, support and operational support.  XPLM customers include international companies from the automotive, machine and plant engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, medical technology, pharmaceutical and chemical process and aerospace industries.



Elysium to Release InfiPoints v2.1 for Cloud Utilization


1. Intensive Enhancements on Modeling Capability

In the past, it required physical measurements of equipment or piping systems, and then model from the scratch to obtain 3D CAD data of existing structures in plants or on vessels.

InfiPoints dramatically streamlines this process by its capability to generate CAD data automatically from point clouds which has seen an intensive enhancements at Ver.2.1— modeling planes as well as pipes. This realizes quick modeling of structures including walls, floors and ceilings, equipment and piping systems for their needs, which saves the time and work for the preparation for the actual operation, eliminates the re-work and shortens the lead time.

Furthermore, InfiPoints provides capabilities to utilize CAD data generated in InfiPoints;

  • Conduct simulations on carry-out routes of existing equipment and pipes
  • Create working drawings for actual operation processes from 3D CAD data


Fig 1: Generating CAD Models (Planes and Pipes) from Point Clouds


2. Comparing Point Clouds against CAD Models

Capability for 3D simulation has been enriched. Function to compare point clouds against CAD data has been added at Ver.2.1. This is ideal to compare the planned construction against the actual environment after construction, allowing the ability to track changes over time.


Fig 2: Displaying Detected Differences between Points Clouds and CAD Model


3. Hyperlinks Embedded into Point Cloud Data

Function to embed attachments and hyperlinks to external files, URL etc. into point cloud data has been added. This allows to utilize point cloud data as a platform and unitarily manage all the relevant information for the project.

Fig 3: Attachments Embedded into Point Cloud Data



2015 Trade Shows & Events

SPAR International
March 30-April 2
Houston, TX
Please attend our March 30th Technical Seminar on InfiPoints.
Visit us at Booth 210 for more on InfiPoints

JT Open
April 8-9
Cincinnati, OH

CATIA Operators Exchange (COE) Annual PLM Experience & TechniFair
April 26-30
Charleston, SC
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ProSTEP iViP Symposium 2015
May 5-6
Stuttgart, Germany
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PLM World 2015
May 18-21
Dallas, TX

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Quality Summit
September 22-23
Novi, MI

Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) 2015
September 28 – October 1
Phoenix, AZ

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Technology Forum
October 2
Southfield, MI

Detroit Regional Users Group (RUG) PLM World
October 8
Troy, MI
See agenda for time and location of our presentation.

Dassault Systemes Customer Conference (DSCC)
November 1

Model-Based Definition (MBD) Summit
December 1
Gaithersburg, MD

CADdoctor EX 6.1

CADdoctor EX 6.1 is now available for download on our website for immediate use.


Updates included with CADdoctor EX 6.1:


Latest CAD version

  • Creo Parametric 3.0 (Creo Import/Export Plug-in, Creo Import Add-on)
  • NX I-deas6.4 (I-DEAS Import/Export Plug-in)
  •  ACIS R25 (ACIS Import/Export Add-on)
  •  Parasolid V27.0 (Parasolid Import/Export Add-on)


  • Added the capability to instance identical parts

Enhanced Geometry Simplification

  • Added a new check item: Small Gap between Volumes.

Enhanced Reverse Engineering

  • Improved the quality of B-rep automatic generation.


Please note that upgrading from CADdoctor EX 5.2 or earlier to EX 6.0 or later involves uninstalling previous CADdoctor software and then installing EX 6.0 and the new license manager, as well as filling out our Version Upgrade Form. Please contact Thomas Mahoney at (248)-799-9800 or thomas.mahoney@elysiuminc.com for the Version Upgrade Form.


If you are still using CADdoctor EX 5.2 or earlier and require installers, add-ons or plug-ins please contact the Elysium Technical Support team at (248)-799-9900 or email our support group (support@elysiuminc.com) for assistance.

James Martin Joins Elysium Inc. as Director of Business Development

Elysium Inc., a leading global provider of data translation software, is pleased to announce the addition of James Martin as the Director of Business Development based out of a new office opening immediately in Denver, Colorado.  Elysium develops interoperability solutions for digital design and PLM markets, and since 1984 has translated millions of files and served thousands of clients.  Leading companies worldwide trust Elysium solutions to translate, repair and ensure their product data quality for 3D CAD/CAM and CAE models.

“I am very happy to again be involved with providing robust CAD data interoperability solutions and Elysium software has long held a reputation for being the industry standard.” says Martin. “I wanted to be part of a software company that has a robust development team, and Elysium definitely does in Japan and the U.S. with close to 60 members.  With Elysium’s focus on being a software company first, we can be assured of deploying translation and validation products quickly and accurately to keep up with the rapidly changing global environments that our customers must maintain.”

James has spent close to three decades in the PLM and CAD interoperability industries with a wide range of experience including technical marketing, business developing, consulting and product management. Prior to joining Elysium James was president of Jotne North America, held senior positions at ITI TranscenData and spent over a decade with SDRC where he helped establish the NISSAN automotive business in Japan at that time.

James possesses a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University with an MBA from Xavier University. He speaks conversational Japanese and enjoys spending time with his family in the mountains of Colorado.

Upcoming Events

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