Elysium Updates its JT Based Solutions to Meet the Requirements of the German Automotive Supply Chain

CADdoctor for JTHAMAMATSU, Japan, May 13, 2016—Elysium, a global leading interoperability solution provider, announces major enhancements to its JT based solutions to meet the requirements of the German automotive supply chain. Elysium’s high fidelity JT solutions—translate to/from JT format, verify JT data in conformity with standards or company rules, and validate JT data before and after data translation or engineering changes—have been proven the best by many German enterprises in the automotive industry. Daimler and its suppliers, who have successfully implemented a sophisticated data exchange scheme while maintaining the highest standard in their actual operation, is just one example of the success of Elysium’s JT solutions.

With the rapid increase in demand for MBD (Model Based Definition) and MBE (Model Based Enterprise), it is essential to implement an effective data exchange process into the entire supply chain to stay highly competitive and successful with supplier integration.

Elysium has now enhanced its product portfolio with a new addition, “CADdoctor for JT,” a tool to verify JT data in conformity with specified standards or company rules, and usability in receiving tools. CADdoctor for JT leverages Elysium’s expertise acquired through PDQ (Product Data Quality) activities at many major enterprises worldwide. This new addition enhances CADdoctor’s B-rep geometry PDQ to include key compliance criteria including LOD (Levels of Detail) configurations, attribute details, check of illegal characters, and JT specific PDQ compliance. This features flexibility in the customization of check items and tolerances to satisfy customer-specific requirements and reporting functionality to export the check results in 3D PDF, HTML, and XML formats. It also allows integration within existing management workflows and processes. In a future release, Elysium’s advanced geometry healing capability will be added to CADdoctor for JT to improve the data quality of JT files and further contribution to smooth supplier integration.

STEP AP242 BOM (Business Object Model) XML support is another major update to Elysium’s JT based solution. This allows for the handling of JT which represents geometric parts, together with STEP AP242 BOM XML which represents the assembly structure and various metadata. STEP AP242 is a new international standard, which will be used as an implementation model to support data exchange related to PDM systems and associated services. This enhancement will benefit the German automotive industry in the context of supply chain management and data exchange between supplier and Automotive OEM.

Elysium CATIA V5 to/from JT DirectTranslator, which is certified as compliant with Daimler quality standards, and widely utilized among Daimler and its suppliers, now supports a German user interface to improve the user experience.

“Elysium is continually enhancing our product portfolio to meet the demands and requirements set forth by our growing user base here in DACH (Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland),” states Kensuke Tashiro, Managing Director of Elysium Europe. “We strive to assure our end-users that the use of products will improve the PDQ within the product life cycle, as well as the guarantee for zero defect 3D data collaboration within the Automotive supply chain.”

Elysium contributes to the progress of supplier integration by its powerful interoperability solutions.


Elysium to Release CADfeature 14.0-Support for Associative Drawings in SOLIDWORKS Developed with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS API Team

HAMAMATSU, Japan—May 10, 2016—Elysium, a leading global provider of data translation software, announces the release of CADfeature 14.0. CADfeature is a feature based translation system that offers complete design intent with the scalability to address the needs of individual designers or globe-spanning enterprises. To answer the demands from Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS users, Elysium has enhanced the CADfeature product family to include the support for associative drawing creation in SOLIDWORKS.

Elysium has been supporting many migration projects at world-leading enterprises with its unique set of tools to support advanced and sophisticated interoperability requirements. Those strategic migration projects have been completed to provide significant enhancements to the CADfeature platform. In this new release, Elysium partnered with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS API development group to enhance CADfeature and added support for associative drawing creations in SOLIDWORKS including:

  • All view types (Projection, Section, Auxiliary, Isometric, Detail, Break View, Broken-Out Section)
  • Font mapping
  • Component view visibility override
  • 2D Annotation (Symbols, Dimensions, Notes, GTols, Centerlines, and Centermarks)

“We are excited with the new enhancements to Elysium’s CADfeature product line as it will provide a much higher level of data interoperability with SOLIDWORKS and we look forward to building upon our partnership with Elysium in the future,” states Kurt Lundstedt, Manager, SOLIDWORKS Product Portfolio Management, Dassault Systèmes.

“Elysium is very proud to announce the final release candidate of CADfeature version 14 which, amongst many enhancements, now supports the ability to create drawings in SOLIDWORKS 2016,” states Kensuke Tashiro, Managing Director of Elysium Europe. “This effort was possible with our new relationship with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS API Development and Product Management Teams.  We continually work to maintain our ability to provide the highest fidelity within the most complex of CAD translation functions, such as drawing translation, which is a ‘black belt art.’ Our efforts would not be possible without the efforts set forth by Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS API Development team to provide the many API’s for this latest enhancement to CADfeature.  We are proud to add Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS to the drawing translation library.  Elysium maintains its relationships with all CAD OEMs to provide for the future of high fidelity multi-CAD support.”

Elysium Presents Global Partner Awards 2015

HAMAMATSU, Japan—March 18, 2016—Elysium, a leading global provider of data translation software, announces that the Most Valuable Partner Award 2015 was awarded to CAMTEX GmbH (hereafter “CAMTEX”) in Suhl, Germany in recognition of the exceptional achievement, and the Rising Sun Award to :em engineering methods AG (hereafter “:em”) in Darmstadt, Germany for the outstanding contribution in the first year. Awards were presented during the Elysium Partner Summit held in Elysium Global Headquarters, Hamamatsu, Japan, on Jan. 21, 2016.

Most Valuable Partner Award 2015 | CAMTEX

The award, the first ever, was established to honor the lifetime achievement of CAMTEX, which is dedicated to the business of Elysium products, and has contributed to Elysium’s success throughout the over fifteen-year partnership.

CAMTEX specializes in the ability to consult and distribute the CADdoctor and ASFALIS product series, which address B-rep translation with geometry healing. Their outstanding expertise, as well as their high-quality technical support, are undoubtedly leading edge, and have gained the customers’ confidence.

“We are delighted to receive this award and see it as a motivation to continue along our common successful path with Elysium. Our focus is on the benefit to the user. We always ask ourselves: What exactly does our customer need? And thanks to the range of functions and the quality of all Elysium products, we are able to find a suitable solution for nearly every translation and data exchange problem,” says Steffen Volkmar, CEO of CAMTEX GmbH.

“I am very pleased that CAMTEX was selected to receive the Most Valuable Partner Award,” stated Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of Global Business, Elysium. “We hope to maintain the strong partnership, and continue to provide best-in-class interoperability solutions to German speaking regions together.”

CAMTEX has been successful in Web marketing in recent years, and achieves very high deal-closing rate toward various types of customers.

Rising Sun Award 2015 | :em engineering methods

The award, the first ever, was established to honor the fastest revenue growth ever achieved by a global partner during the entire history of Elysium which was established back in 1984. :em held the first face to face meeting with Elysium July 10, 2014, then signed a partnership agreement in October 2014.  Elysium’s internal revenue forecast with :em was shattered by 100 percent within a 12 month period.  This exceptional performance is only due to the fact that :em team consists of highly skilled engineers with true industry experience and knowledge to provide for best practices and processes to support the complex Elysium world of interoperability.

“Elysium and :em build a perfect partnership thanks to excellent CAx competences, market understanding and customer oriented solutions and services on both sites,” stated Sven Kleiner, Chief Operation Officers of :em.

“I am very pleased that :em was selected to receive the Rising Sun Award.  It’s been a pleasure working side by side with :em over the past 14 months and I certainly expect higher results in 2016,” commented Kensuke Tashiro, Managing Director, Elysium Europe.

:em and Elysium Europe are currently engaged in numerous migration and multi-CAD integration at Machinery and Automotive Tier 1 suppliers, such as Brose, BOS, Bosch, Continental, Fette Compacting, Grammer, Johnson Controls, Westfalia etc.


The independent system house focuses on the exchange, translation and repair of CAD data and offers converters and tools for data repair for nearly all CAD formats as well as consulting, training, and service in all aspects of the multi-CAD environment.

CAMTEX is a reseller for CAD data exchange software of Elysium Co. Ltd. (Japan) and TransMagic Inc. (USA) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The company creates the German software versions for both manufacturers as well as the accompanying documentation, and provides technical support in the German-speaking countries.

For customers with small or infrequent requirements the service provider translates and repairs the data immediately on the order date and in the strictest confidence.

About :em engineering methods

:em engineering methods AG, :em in short, develops and introduces innovative methods for virtual product development. As an independent integrator of IT systems, :em offers a comprehensive range of services for OEM, suppliers and engineering service providers. Topics such as CAD methods, Knowledge Based Engineering, (Model Based) Systems Engineering, MultiCAD and JT Data Exchange, Supplier Integration, Cooperation Management, Requirements Management, Knowledge Protection, Profitability Analysis, CAD data conversion, CAD data migration and product and simulation data management (PDM and SPDM) are part of :em’s portfolio.

:em uses its excellent competences in processes, methods and technologies for the conception, development and realization of integrated, efficient, and optimized solutions for the whole product life cycle based on IT tools such as CATIA V5/V6, Siemens NX, Elysium CADdoctor and CADfeature, 3D Experience Platform, Teamcenter, ModelCenter, Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, SimulationX, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody or Cameo Systems Modeler. With the business units Business Processes, CAD|CAE, Software and PDM|PLM :em offers a holistic approach in order to introduce methods and IT systems within product engineering.

Elysium to Launch a New Solution to Allow Seamless Data Flow in Multi-PLM/PDM Environment – Connecting Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and Aras Innovator

HAMAMATSU, Japan—Feb. 29, 2016—Elysium, a leading global provider of data translation software, announces a new product called “Elysium xPDM for Aras” that will revolutionize the exchange of product information between Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, a collaborative business experience platform whose 3D design, analysis, simulation and information intelligence applications drive innovation processes across all disciplines, and the Aras Innovator PLM platform from Aras. As the only solution provider authorized by both Dassault Systèmes and Aras, Elysium has developed an integration connector for data exchange between the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Aras Innovator.

Using the xPDM infrastructure provided by Dassault Systèmes and the open Web services APIs in Aras, the connector enables data to flow smoothly and securely between the two systems. For example, a company using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s applications for 3D design and Aras Innovator for other processes such as manufacturing and supply chain operations can take advantage of Elysium’s high fidelity 3D data translation technology and the xCAD infrastructure from Dassault Systèmes to ensure accurate 3D CAD data are available to everyone across the organization using Aras.

In order to address shorter life cycles, efficient design processes must be linked with global manufacturing, quality, purchasing and sales information. More and more businesses are choosing to implement the best platform to manage a variety of information including CAD data, drawings, technical documents, material information, cost and more throughout the entire manufacturing process and supply chain. Many manufacturing companies are selecting the best suited PLM and PDM systems for each purpose. Data exchange compatibility and the ability to distribute information between these different PLM and PDM systems have been an ongoing challenge for many organizations which is why Elysium has specifically developed this connector product.

“We have long standing relationships with all the major PLM providers,” stated Kentaro Fukuta, general manager of Global Business at Elysium. “We are proud of our strong partnership with Dassault Systèmes, world leader in 3D design software, 3D digital mock up and PLM solutions, for the development of this solution using Dassault Systèmes xPDM infrastructure, and with Aras on the Multi-CAD Gateway solution for Aras Innovator. The history and knowledge that come with these partnerships have made it possible to develop this unique and innovative solution.”


Elysium Announces Release of ASFALIS EX7

Gear Up Your Model Based Definition and Engineering Change Order Management in Multi-CAx Environment with High-fidelity Validation Capability

HAMAMATSU, Japan—Jan. 8, 2016—Elysium Co. Ltd, a leading global provider of data translation software, announces that a release of ASFALIS, EX7, is available today. ASFALIS is a highly robust multi-CAD translation environment that enables extreme accuracy, performance, and customization with advanced tailoring of processes to allow for integration into a broad range of manufacturing industries.

With the growing global desire for a shorter product lifecycle, many innovative enterprises are running multiple engineering processes concurrently to shorten the lead-time of the overall process. A system to manage engineering changes is fundamental to achieve lead-time reduction in this complex workflow. There is an increasing demand for this type of system in light of the ever-changing circumstances, such as mergers and acquisitions, business tie-ups and so forth, due to the reorganization of the industry.

Currently, the global trend is to use a neutral format such as JT to archive and retrieve CAD data independently from the version-ups of CAD systems. Therefore, data translations are regularly occurring between native CAD formats and neutral formats. To maintain high fidelity between these constantly occurring translations, a powerful translation tool is in high demand, as well as data validation tools to detect any changes during conversions and prevent trouble in post processes.

To meet these demands, Elysium has drastically enhanced the data validation capability for multi-CAx environments in ASFALIS EX7.0. ASFALIS compares and detects the differences of all the information included in 3D CAD data, such as PMI (product manufacturing information), attribute and assembly trees, as well as geometry.

“With the increased use of MBD (model based definition) and ECO (engineering change order) management, validation of CAD data has become much more important in the manufacturing world today,” stated Kentaro Fukuta, general manager of Global Business at Elysium. “Data validation is widely utilized throughout the manufacturing process; verifying data before and after the engineering changes to efficiently and effectively confirm and inform of modifications, verifying the data before and after translations to validate data before sending to other companies or divisions, and so forth. ASFALIS EX7.0’s enhanced Geometry Validator facilitates the smooth and efficient communication between companies and divisions for true collaboration. This is a fundamental requirement with the complexity of today’s product and process.”

ASFALIS is a total solution. It facilitates enterprises in accelerating the cooperation between MBE (model-based engineering) processes throughout the manufacturing process, from product design to sales and services, and building a productive supply chain. EX7.0 can validate PMI and attributes, including dimensions, annotations, and symbols, between two CAD files, and export the results in a report. This addresses the needs to quickly, yet precisely check the modifications made at pre/post processes, and apply those modifications if necessary.

Furthermore, we have added support of 3D PDF—light and handy, yet informative format containing both geometry and non-geometry information—to meet the growing global demands. Now the validation results reports come in 3D PDF or HTML format, making it easy to share information between companies and divisions without installing special viewers.

Another key addition to ASFALIS EX7.0 is the support of STEP AP242 BOM (Business Object Model) XML format, which is highly regarded in automotive and aerospace industries as one of the best standard formats for its capability of complete definition of the product and long-term archiving and retrieving.

Moreover, a new front-end “ASFALIS DirectTranslator” is now available, offering the simplest way to utilize the power of ASFALIS. This comes in two types, standalone type—right-click the file, and run the translation from the context menu—and plugin-in type—run the translation directly from the user interface of the CAD systems (*1).


*1: ASFALIS DirectTranslator Plug-in type is available for CATIA V5, Creo, NX, and SOLIDWORKS.

 ELYSIUM_PMI-Validation_1 ELYSIUM_PMI-Validation_2

Exporting the detected differences in reports

Left: Difference on the numerical value in PMI / Right: Difference on the location of PMI



User interface of ASFALIS DirectTranslator


l  Major Enhancements at ASFALIS EX7.0

  • Enhanced Geometry Validator functionality to include non-geometry elements such as PMI and attributes to the validation target
  • Added capability to export validation report in 3D PDF format
  • Added support for STEP AP242 BOM XML
  • Added front-end “ASFALIS DirectTranslator” to utilize the power of ASFALIS with a simple operation


Contact licenses@elysiuminc.com to inquire about upgrading to ASFALIS EX7.0.

Elysium Announces a Major Upgrade, CADdoctor EX7, to Optimize Data for Efficient CAE Analysis

HAMAMATSU, Japan – Nov. 30, 2015 – Elysium, a leading provider of 3D translation and geometry optimization technology, announces that a new release of CADdoctor, EX7, is available today. CADdoctor is a superior-performing 3D data translation and utilization tool that is highly regarded in the CAD/CAE industry, and well-known for its robust results and excellent quality.

With the growing global desire for a shorter product lifecycle, the manufacturing world is faced with the challenge of shortening the lead-time in the manufacturing process. Conducting virtual simulations is one of the key factors in facing this challenge, and it has sprung the rapid growth of utilizing CAE tools, even in the early design stages. Elysium has significantly enhanced its Geometry Simplification and Reverse Engineering functionality within CADdoctor EX7 to make these CAE tools even more effective.

“Since its release, CADdoctor has been chosen by many companies for its powerful and robust translation capability between multiple CAD formats. It’s contributed to the streamlining of the manufacturing process, as well as the CAE and mold designing processes by adding Geometry Simplification, Mid-surface Generation, Manufacturing Checks, and so forth, to meet past demands,” stated Kentaro Fukuta, general manager of Global Business at Elysium. “As the utilization of CAD data throughout the manufacturing process has grown, we have developed functions to support efficient CAE analysis.”

One of the major enhancements of CADdoctor EX7 is to the Solid Enveloping functionality. Elysium has improved the capability to detect gaps between parts, and fill them automatically. This significantly improves the accuracy of enveloping assembly models, as well as allowing for the added feature of extracting the interior outline. Fluid Analysis can take an incredible amount of manual work to prepare data for CAE analysis because of the large amount of clearance gaps. With this enhanced Solid Envelope functionality, the geometry of the interior space can instantly be extracted from the design CAD data, saving days of data preparation. The time to simulate the gas flow and temperature distribution within a car exhaust system, for example, is significantly reduced by the automatic extraction of the interior geometry of a muffler.

The protection of IP (intellectual property) has become another common use of the Solid Envelope function as more and more companies increase data exchange with other companies, often across the globe. “Data sharing is an absolute requirement amongst the manufacturing supply chain. The issue remaining within these data sharing scenarios is that accuracy must be a given, however, the protection of Intellectual Property plays a tremendous role as the global supply chain now faces data breach and of course plagiarism. CADdoctor aims to address these manufacturing and security requirements with its advanced enveloping functionality and key features which allow for invisible component removal, high performance enveloping, and interior space extraction,” states Ken Tashiro, COO of Elysium Inc. “In addition, we have increased our performance in handling very large models, often encountered in the automotive and aerospace industries, to provide very accurate yet lighter-sized models with IP removed.”

The Reverse Engineering functionality in CADdoctor EX7 has also been enhanced to generate a high-quality B-rep from polygons created in CAE tools. This enables B-rep generation from deformed polygons, for example, results of flow analysis to simulate the stretching of plastic parts during the mold process, and then conduct interference checking against neighboring parts.

Overview of CADdoctor EX7 Enhancements

1.       Enveloping

CADdoctor recognizes and fills gaps in a large or complex assembly automatically by improved Boolean operations and other advanced technologies.


Advanced gap filling

CADdoctor merges assembly models into a single solid model, and extracts the outline of the exterior parts in preparation for efficient fluid analysis.


Enveloping large complex assembly models

CADdoctor also extracts the outline of interior parts of assembly models and automatically creates a CAD model that can be used instantly in CAE analysis to simulate the flow of gas and fluid inside the product.


Extracting the outline of inner void and creating a new CAD model

CADdoctor now merges multiple volumes, including both sheet volumes and solid volumes, and can create a single solid model. This offers a substantial advantage for manufacturing companies as they can now start CAE analysis much earlier, where they were challenged in the past with multiple volumes from bosses and ribs during early design stages.


Merging solid volumes and sheet volumes into a single solid model

2.       Reverse Engineering

The Reverse Engineering module has been enhanced to generate B-reps from polygon data created in CAE tools for structural analysis and strength analysis.


Contact licenses@elysiuminc.com to inquire about upgrading to CADdoctor EX7.0.



The Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) 2015

As part of the management team for GPDIS 2015, Elysium is proud to announce this year’s event was a great success!

Hundreds of attendees gathered in Phoenix, AZ to take part in this distinguished annual meeting.

Check out Desktop Engineering’s coverage of GPDIS 2015 to learn more about the topics, meetings, and presentations from this event.


Interested in the presentations given this year? Visit the History tab of the GPDIS website to view all open presentations.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s event. GPDIS 2016 will be held in Pheonix, AZ, September 24-30, 2016.

GPDIS 2015

3D Geometry Healing Technology Added to the Altair Partner Alliance-Elysium has joined the program, enabling CADdoctor on the HyperWorks platform

TROY, Mich. and HAMAMATSU, Japan – July 7, 2015 – Altair and Elysium Co. Ltd. today announced that Elysium has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), adding its 3D geometry healing and translation software CADdoctor. CADdoctor understands multiple Computer Aided Design (CAD) formats and Product Data Quality (PDQ) criteria to easily translate and repair data as well as simplify geometry to reduce file size for more efficient Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis.

CADdoctor is equipped with a standalone user interface, which applies the built-in geometry healing module, Data Exchange Kernel (DEK). DEK can understand the characteristics, representations, tolerances, etc. of various CAD systems to guarantee an accurate translation to support the data preprocess for CAE analysis.

“Elysium could not be more pleased to join the Altair Partner Alliance. This will expand the CADdoctor market, specifically to those hoping to re-use 3D CAD data from designing for their CAE analysis.” said Kentaro Fukuta, General Manager of the Global Business team at Elysium. “CADdoctor, an industry-proven application for 3D data translation and optimization, will strongly support Altair customers in the time reduction of the preparation for CAE analysis. By removing complex and detailed features such as holes and fillets, enveloping huge assembly models, and generating mid-surfaces, CADdoctor will reduce the overall time for analysis, increase the success rate and accuracy of CAE analysis, and more.”


In addition to data translation, CADdoctor includes powerful modules for cleaning up messy geometry. Users can check PDQ criteria against industry or customer-specific standards. The technology can automatically and interactively detect and repair errors, generate mid-surfaces from detailed solid models, repair and optimize polygon data. It can also equalize the polygon elements without sacrificing the geometry outline and compare CAD files before and after engineering changes, translations, etc. with a visual color map accompanied by the necessary numerical values.

“CADdoctor is a great addition to the Altair offering,” said James Dagg, Chief Technology Officer of Modeling and Visualization at Altair. “Its impressive geometry modification and cleanup capabilities complement Altair products like HyperMesh and Inspire, and we are very excited for our customers to benefit from these tools.”

CADdoctor is extremely versatile, with applications in any industry taking advantage of CAD/CAE software to optimize and evaluate designs before production.

To learn more about CADdoctor, register for the introductory webinar taking place July 21, 2015 at 9 a.m. EDT and 3 p.m. EDT, or visit the Elysium solution page.

About the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair’s HyperWorks platform applies a revolutionary subscription-based licensing model in which customers use floating licenses to access a broad suite of Altair-developed, as well as third-party, software applications on demand. The Altair Partner Alliance effectively extends the HyperWorks Platform from more than 20 internally developed solutions to upwards of 60 applications with the addition of new partner applications. Customers can invoke these third-party applications at no incremental cost using their existing HyperWorks licenses. Customers benefit from unmatched flexibility and access, resulting in maximum software utilization, productivity and ROI. For more information about the Altair Partner Alliance, visit www.altairalliance.com.

About Altair

Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance.  Privately held with more than 2,500 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates more than 45 offices throughout 24 countries.  Today, Altair serves more than 5,000 corporate clients across broad industry segments.  To learn more, please visit www.altair.com.

Added Support for New CATIA V5, NX, and NX I-DEAS Releases-CADdoctor EX 6.1.9 & ASFALIS EX 6.1.18

Elysium releases CADdoctor EX 6.1.9 and ASFALIS EX 6.1.18 with added support for CATIA V5 R25, NX10, and NX I-DEAS6.5.

CADdoctor EX 6.1.9

Supported Users

CADdoctor licensees with the maintenance agreement who use the following options:

– CATIA V5 Plug-in

– CATIA V5 Import Add-on

– NX Plug-in

– NX Import Add-on

– I-DEAS Plug-in


Added Support for the latest CAD Versions:

  • Added support of R25(V5-6R2015) with CATIA V5 Plug-in Option[Supported versions: R22(V5-6R2012) – R25(V5-6R2015)]
  • Added support of R25(V5-6R2015) with CATIA V5 Import Add-on Option[Supported versions: R7 – R25(V5-6R2015)]
  • Added support of NX10 with NX Plug-in Option[Supported versions: NX8, NX8.5, NX9, NX10]
  • Added support of NX10 with NX Import Add-on Option[Supported versions: UG10 – NX10]
  • Added support of NX I-DEAS6.5 with I-deas Plug-in Option[Supported versions: NX I-deas6.2 – 6.5]



Supported Users

ASFALIS licensees with the maintenance agreement who use the following components:

– CATIA V5(Plug-in) ENF Writer/Reader

– CATIA V5(Add-on) ENF Writer

– NX(Plug-in) ENF Writer/Reader

– NX(Add-on) ENF Writer

– I-DEAS ENF Writer/Reader


Added support of latest CAD versions

  • CATIA V5(Plug-in) ENF Writer/Reader    Added support of R25(V5-6R2015)[Supported versions: R22(V5-6R2012) – R25(V5-6R2015)]
  • CATIA V5(Add-on) ENF WriterAdded support of R25(V5-6R2015)[Supported versions: R7 – R25(V5-6R2015)]
  • NX(Plug-in) ENF Writer/ReaderAdded support of NX10[Supported versions: NX8, NX8.5, NX9, NX10]
  • NX(Add-on) ENF WriterAdded support of NX10[Supported versions: UG10 – NX10]
  • I-DEAS ENF Writer/ReaderAdded support of NX I-deas6.5[Supported versions: NX I-deas6.2 – 6.5]


The first step to upgrading to these new versions is to upgrade to the new license management system. To do so this Version Upgrade Application Form must be filled out and returned to Danielle Williams at Danielle.williams@elysiuminc.com or licensing@elysiuminc.com. You may also request to have the form sent to you via email. Once the form is completed and submitted, it should take about two business days for the delivery of your new license type along with instructions on downloading CADdoctor EX 6.1.9 or ASFALIS EX 6.1.18. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (248) 799-9800.


If you have any questions during the installation process please contact the Elysium Technical Support Team at (248) 799-9900 or email our support team at support@elysiuminc.com.

Elysium Pleased to Announce the Release of CADfeature 13.0 EX6.1

Major Enhancements for this Upgrade:

  1. Accelerated Translation Time
    -Multi-Process: 80% of translation time reduced with multi-process support (Multi-Process license is needed)
    -Server Mode: Reduced translation time when importing the minimum amount of data with CADfeature Batch
  2. Expansion of drawing translation
    -Drawing Support: Added Solidworks and CATIA V4 drawing translation functionality (capturer)
    -Drawing Images: Added support for translation of embedded drawing images
    -Drawing QA Report: View drawing images of both the source CAD and target CAD for comparison on the QA report
  3. Support for new CAD Versions
    -Added support of CATIA V5 6R2014, NX10, SolidWorks 2015, and Creo Elements/Direct: 17 & 18
  4. Others
    -Batch UI: Layout enhancements to improve efficiency and understanding of results
    -Licensing: Upgraded to Sentinel License Server

Upgrading to the New License System:

The first step to upgrading to CADfeature 13.0 EX6.1 is to upgrade to the new license management system. To do so this Version Upgrade Application Form must be filled out and returned to Danielle Williams at Danielle.williams@elysiuminc.com or licensing@elysiuminc.com. You may also request to have the form sent to you via email. Once the form is completed and submitted, it should take about two business days for the delivery of your new license type along with instructions on downloading CADfeature 13.0 EX6.1. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (248) 799-9800.


If you have any questions during the installation process please contact the Elysium Technical Support Team at (248) 799-9900 or email our support team at support@elysiuminc.com.